BASN Old School Portable 5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND - The directional full-range unit is installed on the stereo sound wireless speaker to enhance the resolution and brightness of the sound, making the overtones of medium and high frequencies in the metal cavity clearer and brighter.
FULL FREQUENCY ADJUSTMENT - Metal frequency gear control and volume adjustment knob bring you a different manual operation experience. The adjustment range of high frequency and low frequency is ±5dB, you can adjust it in different styles as you like.
STABLE BLUETOOTH SIGNAL - This wireless Bluetooth speaker equips with Bluetooth 5.0 version, which delivers a fast Bluetooth signal. BASN BS200 wireless Bluetooth speakers also can connect musical devices with a 3.5mm RCA jack connector.
ENHANCED BASS ENDS - Another non-directional low-frequency unit of the Bluetooth speaker is designed at the bottom of the solid wood base. The bass enhancement can be obtained by matching the wooden cavity, making the bass more full and thick.
GRACE & RETRO DECORATION - All metal parts of the Bluetooth speaker are treated with gold-plating, Retro and fashion appearance, golden scheme, and attentive detail design. It will be a great choice for home, office, and table decoration.