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  • Evolved from professional monitor technologies which has been tested by pro musicians, this tempo earphone offers detailed sound with optimized Deep Bass for personal listening and professional monitoring
  • Liquid resin 3D printing solid earphone house with glossy finish and ergonomic shape are designed to rest comfortably in your ears
  • Proprietary dual phase drivers excel in music players and monitoring applications by providing exceptional accuracy and clarity, clear crisp sound with rich details
  • Secure comfortable noise isolating silicon sleeves block up to 38 dB of ambient noise, which prevents outside sound from interfering with your listening experience, whether on the stage or on the go, a good seal is key to optimizing sound isolation and good deep bass response
  • Durable reinforced high quality cable allows easy replacement, formable wire ensures secure personal placement, and over-ear configuration keeps cables out of the way, in-line microphone make easy hands-free calls, remote volume control gives convenient operation

Packed with dual drivers and the latest IEM building technology, the BASN Tempos earphones provides high-quality sound with a low profile look and extremely comfortable feel. It's the ideal monitor for emerging artists, bands, and anyone seeking an affordable IEM.

Dual Dynamic Driver

To achieve the nature sound flavor, we opted for dual drivers solution that utilizing a 9mm dynamic driver for the lows, mid range and highs. The result is an incredibly intimate and smooth sound with punchy lows, luscious mids, and a silky treble with an analog sensation.

Premium Ergonomic Earphone Shell

Adopt latest custom IEM producing technolgy, the 3D printing earphone house has inspect shells and good faceplates which meet high quality standards.

2 Pin Detachable Cable

The standard 2 pin detachable cable was designed and tested for maximum durability and has been developed for our IEMs to optimize the performance of the dual dynamic drivers. And 2 pin connectors make cable replacement easily.

How to use the single button control on the Cable with Mic:

Music Controls: A short press of the button will pause your music or resume music playback. Two short presses will skip to the next music track.
Call Controls: A short press of the button will accept the incoming call and another press will end the call.
Volume controls: plus button to increase volume, minus button to decrease volume
Voice Controls: Press and hold the button utill your phone’s voice assistant turns on. Android devices may require you to press and hold the button an additional time once the voice assistant is on before commands can be spoken.