A Review of BASN ASONE Planar IEMs

4.5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Rich Bass and Mids , details and good technicalities comfortable and premium accessories
Cons: Treble rolls off a little quickly, MMCX is not my favorite connection...

Let's start with the packed and what's inside. the box is informative telling you everything you'll need to know quickly. inside is a metal aluminum box and the IEM, inside that box is a large array of items to give you everything you need to get started enjoying the music.

The ASONE is both comfortable and provided great isolation for me. I can see these used for professional use as well as personal enjoyment. it's made well out of sturdy resin and is lightweight. While the cable quality was good, I would have loved to see a much thicker silver or copper cable included instead of two, the tips are good, and I like the inclusion of the triple flange in the box. The microphone cable works as expected and is good while out and about.

I don't have too many planars as of yet just the PR1, i3, a few SPD IEM and had the Audeze and Monolith in the past but I do own a few planar headphones as they are my favorites. These are tuned with that Harman curve that is found to be very pleasant and rich sounding.

Bass has that full and deep planar sound it has both control and excellent depth with texture and speed. Sub-Bass digs down deep but doesn't overpower the speedy punch of the Mid-Bass.
Midrange presents with a warmth in the lower Mids and a brighter lift in the upper Mids, there is good body and clarity here with vocals both male and female sounding rich and positioned forward center. They sound natural and there is good instrument separation.

The highs present with good control and air, there is a decent amount of sparkle but the do roll off making them a little on the polite side and good for treble sensitive, still they are neutral and detailed.

The soundstage is open and has an equal Depth and Hight with the Width being above average, it is both accurate and can handle crowded and complicated recordings well. I used these gaming on the go and it worked out well.

The ASONE is BASNs first planar and it is a rich sounding IEM that is both fun and detailed. The accessories and the sound make it one of my new favorites.

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A Review of BASN ASONE___From Headphones and Coffee

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