MTPro 14.5mm Planar IEMs


BASN MTPro planar IEM headphones are a great upgrade option for live music monitoring as well as audiophile casual listening.

Good in-ear monitor with a good balance and newly tuned planar magnetic driver configuration overall, a fairly neutral sound signature that is easy to listen to for extended periods. The nice gift packaging box included every kind of ear tip imaginable, so you're guaranteed to be able to get the proper fit for optimal comfort and sound quality. These come with two different cables, the silver-grey one for phones with volume and play control and the brown one for IEM and audio use. The cables are very flexible and connect easily to the earphone, without being prone to get easily tangled. You even get a big storage case to allow you to store everything neatly and in a protected fashion.

Super suitable for musicians and audiophiles, highly recommend these to live performances or anyone who loves listening to music.