Customer Review of Bmaster IEMs

I bought the BASN Bmasters. I am so surprised that these gems are not talked about more. I have to tell you that these are incredible. The following comments are based on using these with a Shanling MW200 using neutral settings on the equalizer and a minimum phase fast roll-off.

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Bass: I own the Pinnacle P1 and they are wonderful. However, these provide more depth and breadth of bass. If you get these, watch the movie, "Lucy". I could literally feel the bass. It reminded me of being in the theatre where you could literally feel the sound underneath your feet. This was like that. It was an absolutely incredible experience, but it was also a demonstration of what these babies are capable of. Great definition too. Just listen to Bryan Adams, "Heaven" and Def Lepard, "Love Bites." Turn up the sound. These will handle it. The drums are great!

Mids: Balanced well with the bass and treble. I did not feel it was dominant at all. The mid-bass might dominate a bit at high volume though.

Treble: Very nice. Not too bright and not too sparkly, but clear and spacious.

Sound stage: is wide, but not as deep as I am used to. Mind you, it is deep, but I often felt the voices were right up in front like I am in the front row of a concert. This can make the treble a little overwhelming. One song I listened to sounded like the horns was close and right next to the right side of your head-maybe a little too close. But one song does not make it common.

Separation: is very, very good. Rarely did the mid-bass dominate the mid. Rarely was there some sibilance (I noticed it when I listened to "Kiss on My List" by Hall and Oats, but none of the other songs did I hear it). All the "voices" had their own "place". Sometimes, the separation was too much, and I wished the voices blended in a bit more. For example, a singer would sound in my left ear, but I wish the sound would be shared with the right. That way, the group singing would sound a little closer to each other. I don't know if that is the responsibility of the MW200 or the earbuds themselves though. For someone using these as IEMs to diagnose sound, the fact that there is such good separation is exactly what they would be looking for.

Definition: was great. Instruments and percussion sounded authentic. In some IEMs the percussions do not sound like they are supposed to, but these are not like that. The drums sounded like drums, the castanets sounded like castanets, and cymbals sounded like cymbals, etc. It is really nice.

basn in ear monitor headphone for musician singer drummer shure iem westone earphone KZ in ear sennheiser custom in ear factory and manufacturer OEM ODM supplier and agent
I already said that listening to movies was a great experience, and if you want to immerse yourself, these are fantastic. One thing you need to know is that these are unforgiving and source dependent. What I mean is that if you have a crappy source, these will pick it up. If you don't get a good listening experience with some of your music, these pick up the mistakes in mixing and production. It also means that you may not get the best out of streaming music if the streaming source is not good (however, Pandora sounded wonder). I listened to a lot of different sources including CD quality and the BMasters performed admirably.

The Bmaster is really well made, offering 2DD and 1 BA for a great price. It offers a great selection of tips (9 pairs, 3 of which were foam), 2 good cords (one has a mic), and a hard case. It is a great addition if you want a great IEM to enjoy for daily use and for virtually every type of music. Though everyone tells me that these do not need any burn-in, I think the two DDs might need some time to get the best out of them. As I continue to use them, I will touch base and give you an update on whether or not this is true.

These truly punch above their price point and I highly recommend them.

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