BASN ASONE 14.2mm Planar Driver in-Ear Monitors Earphone (Pink)

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BASN ASONE  in-Ear Monitors Earphone for musicians singers drummers
  • [14.2 mm Planar & Array N52 Magnet] The planar iem earbuds built-in a 14.2mm planar diaphragm unit and double-sided array N52 magnet; Powerful driver and special array magnet achieve to a wide sound field and a smooth frequency response, bringing higher transparency to the sound
  • [Superior Quality & Detached Cables] This in ear headphones comes with a high-purity single crystal copper MMCX connector cable, which is woven with Litz shielding structure to deliver more clear sound details; And the planar iem headphones also provide an in-line Mic cable with volume control for better listening experience
  • [Noise Isolation & Secure Fit] This planar magnetic iems comes with different sizes of silicone sleeves and memory foam ear-tips to help the isolation of external noise, providing wonderful sound insulation; Ergonomically in-ear designed to better fit the ear canal; Increase the firmness and comfort of wearing
  • [Wide Range & Rich Bass Sound] Excellent deep bass is one of the most obvious advantages of ASONE In ear monitor earphones; 2 micron planar diaphragm, 14 magnets, the impedance of the whole unit is 16 ohms; Wide sound range, make the musicians ear monitor easy to convey clear mid sound and deep bass sound
  • [Light weight & Stylish Design] ASONE iem headphones adopt environmentally friendly resin material to the appearance design. The use of resin reduces the weight of the basn in ear monitor; Stylish design wired monitor earbuds very suitable for audiophile, musicians, singers, drummers
BASN ASONE  in-Ear Monitors Earphone for musicians singers drummers

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Evelyn Martinez
Superb Sound Quality on a budget!

The moment I received these headphones, I need you they were going to be better than most of the headphones Ive tried in the past.

The first thing that stood out to me, was the carrying case, which was really nicely built, and included all the accessories you can possibly want for in ears.

I appreciate that. They have multiple types of tips for your ear canal, because in my case, one of my ear canals is smaller than the other.

I tried these using my phone just to listen casually to music, and the EQ is very balanced. Nothing is extremely exaggerated. You can really get a sense of space within the songs mix.

Then I tried them on stage, I sometimes sing and play guitar, and sometimes I played drums as well. I was pleasantly surprised at how clear and under congested my mix sounded like on stage.

I never really get a sense of distortion from the driver is very clean and nonabrasive

If youre looking for a really decent in ear, monitor and dont want to spend crazy money, I cant recommend this product enough

These are fantastic for the price!

These come alive with a reasonably good headphone amp 5 stars Without an amp they are just ok.

If you are using these to listen to music make certain you have a decent headphone amp this is where they come alive. Also, plan on boosting the bass a bit and tame the treble with EQ. With an amp they are probably among the best in their price range. Great sound stage and clarity. 5 stars in their price range if you have an amp. Without amp they can be a bit thin depending on the sound source, just ok. Just plan on having a decent headphone amp if you purchase these and your ears will thank you. Also, plan on some burn in time.

Changed the way I play!

Get them! Use Them!

Alexei Boukirev
Great sound, packaging, and accessories

The included cable is good. Original ear tips work well. The carrying hard case is, although large, a piece of art by itself. Love it.

ian h
These are fantastic!

These are fantastic!