BASN Bmaster5 (1DD+4BA) PE connector In Ear Monitor Headphone (Blue)

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BASN Bmaster5 in Ear Monitors, 1DLC Diaphragm+4BA 5 Drivers IEM Earphones with Silver-Plated OFC Cable, Noise Isolation Wired Earbuds for Musicians

Bmaster5 in ear monitors feature a hybrid design that combines a 10mm diamond-like carbon (DLC) composite diaphragm for rapid transient response and enhanced dynamic bass, with 4BA drivers that deliver brilliant trebles and warm mids without introducing sibilance

To ensure a reliable connection, BASN Bmaster5 in ear monitor headphones feature PE connectors that reduce contact resistance and improve sound quality. The connectors' elastic structure ensures a longer lifespan and allows for smooth and effortless plug-in and out

Sound isolation design blocks up outside noise, allowing the sound of instruments and vocals to be clear on live rock, church, or band shows. Connect to practically any digital audio source with the 3.5 mm stereo plug including headphone amps, laptops, and audio interfaces

The in ear earbuds come with two upgrade cables. The 4-core OFC audio cable is designed for pure music listening and monitoring. it allows the Bmaster5 to withstand tough nights on the stage. The mic cable with an in-line volume control for daily use with your phone

Two different styles of earbud tips - silicone and memory foam - are provided in 12 sizes to establish a comfortable seal in any ear. Adjustable ear hooks ensure a perfect fit, making it feel like the iem earphones are custom tailored just for you

The exquisite aluminum case not only protects your iems earbuds but also stores all your accessories. Additionally, a convenient leather pouch is provided to hold a pair of earphones and a cord, allowing you to carry them in your pocket easily wherever you go

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basn in ear monitor headphone for musician singer drummer shure iem westone earphone KZ in ear sennheiser custom in ear factory and manufacturer OEM ODM supplier

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Outstanding Isolation

The isolation on these are so good I couldn’t hear my mom yelling at me. Excited to wear these on stage soon!


BASN, every weekend!

As a gigging musician 2-4 times a week, I value my ears and being comfortable doing what I love. BASN Bmaster5 make that happen! They are smooth IEMs that cover a wide range of frequencies while merging aesthetics and comfort. I play bass and drums, and they deliver beautifully in both scenarios. I highly recommend that you check them out if youre curious or are just not getting enough out of your current IEM situation. BASN all the way !

Fernando Lemus

Great sound

Feels solid and sturdy, and sound great too. The isolate better than my shure 315s and sound clearer too.
Heavy cord, nice case and all for a great price.
Ive used these countless times in a professional music setting and they hold up well.


Good sounding IEMs

These are not the most expensive headphones Ive ever purchased but they are the best sounding. As a singer, I like a prominent mid-range but the BASN BMaster 5 IEMs are a bit muddy throughout the middle. Bass is not too prominent, which I prefer. Highs are clear without being painful.

Noise reduction is good. I was able to dial in a comfortable quiet fit with all the different ear tips they sent ( I went with the triple tree). I have to be careful removing the IEMs because the ear tip comes off easily in my ear.

The cords provided with the BASN BMaster 5 are standard 5 ft ( why are IEM cables always so dang long? In my ears, they hang down to the bottom of my calves). Im not impressed by the consumer cable and got a lot of static. But the stage cable is good. I dont get transmitted cable noise in my ears while jumping around. Note that BASN uses Pentacon connectors, not standard MMCX, so it is hard to switch connectors without buying adapters ( which risk degrading the sound).

Overall, these are great IEMs and punch well above their price point. I would buy them again.



I will say one thing on these...vocals sound crisp, but bass seems bit low..overall a quality IEM..but be warned, unless you have big ear canals they hurt the cartilage