BASN Bmaster5 (1DD+4BA) In Ear Monitor Headphone (Gold)

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BASN Bmaster5 in Ear Monitors, 1DLC Diaphragm+4BA 5 Drivers IEM Earphones with Silver-Plated OFC Cable, Noise Isolation Wired Earbuds for Musicians

Bmaster5 in ear monitors feature a hybrid design that combines a 10mm diamond-like carbon (DLC) composite diaphragm for rapid transient response and enhanced dynamic bass, with 4BA drivers that deliver brilliant trebles and warm mids without introducing sibilance

To ensure a reliable connection, BASN Bmaster5 in ear monitor headphones feature PE connectors that reduce contact resistance and improve sound quality. The connectors' elastic structure ensures a longer lifespan and allows for smooth and effortless plug-in and out

Sound isolation design blocks up outside noise, allowing the sound of instruments and vocals to be clear on live rock, church, or band shows. Connect to practically any digital audio source with the 3.5 mm stereo plug including headphone amps, laptops, and audio interfaces

The in ear earbuds come with two upgrade cables. The 4-core OFC audio cable is designed for pure music listening and monitoring. it allows the Bmaster5 to withstand tough nights on the stage. The mic cable with an in-line volume control for daily use with your phone

Two different styles of earbud tips - silicone and memory foam - are provided in 12 sizes to establish a comfortable seal in any ear. Adjustable ear hooks ensure a perfect fit, making it feel like the iem earphones are custom tailored just for you

The exquisite aluminum case not only protects your iems earbuds but also stores all your accessories. Additionally, a convenient leather pouch is provided to hold a pair of earphones and a cord, allowing you to carry them in your pocket easily wherever you go

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BASN Bmaster5 in Ear Monitors, 1DLC Diaphragm+4BA 5 Drivers IEM Earphones with Silver-Plated OFC Cable, Noise Isolation Wired Earbuds for Musicians

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