BASN Bmaster5 (1DD+4BA) MMCX connector In Ear Monitor Headphone (Gold)

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BASN Bmaster5 MMCX connector in Ear Monitors, 1DLC Diaphragm+4BA 5 Drivers IEM Earphones with Silver-Plated OFC Cable, Noise Isolation Wired Earbuds for Musicians shure basn in ear monitor headphone for musician singer drummer shure iem westone earphone KZ in ear sennheiser custom in ear factory and manufacturer OEM ODM supplier and agent
BASN Bmaster5 MMCX connector in Ear Monitors, 5 Drivers Drummer Headphones with Powerful Bass, Noise Isolation IEM Earbuds with Detachable MMCX Sliver-Plated OFC Cable for Musicians

 Bmaster5 MMCX in ear monitors benefit from the advantage of BASN's new 8mm liquid silicone diaphragm driver that ensures robust bass and excellent high-frequency resolution. 4BA drivers deliver clear detailed sound with well-extended yet smooth treble and mid

Sound isolation design blocks up outside noise, allowing the sound of instruments and vocals to be clear on live rock, church, or band shows. Connect to practically any digital audio source with the 3.5 mm stereo plug including headphone amps, in-ear monitor system, transmitters and receivers, and audio interfaces

The in ear earbuds come with two kinds of cables. The 4-core OFC audio cable designed for pure music listening and monitoring, it allows the Bmaster5 in ears to withstand tough nights on the stage. The mic cable with an in-line volume control for daily use with your phones. To ensure a reliable connection and provide further customization, this in ear headphones feature new upgrade MMCX connectors

Two different styles of earbud tips - silicone and memory foam - are provided in 12 sizes to establish a comfortable seal in any ear. Adjustable ear hooks ensure a perfect fit, making it feel like the iem earphones are custom tailored just for you

The exquisite aluminum case not only protect your iems earbuds but also stores all your accessories. Additionally, a convenient leather pouch is provided to hold a pair of earphones and a cord, allowing convenient, tangle-free solution to store and travel with your iems

Package Included

BASN Bmaster5 MMCX connector in Ear Monitors, 1DLC Diaphragm+4BA 5 Drivers IEM Earphones with Silver-Plated OFC Cable, Noise Isolation Wired Earbuds for Musicians shure basn in ear monitor headphone for musician singer drummer shure iem westone earphone KZ in ear sennheiser custom in ear factory and manufacturer OEM ODM supplier and agent

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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To the non-audio expert like myself, these things are pretty amazing. The sound quality is definitely better than your standard bluetooth ear buds or gaming headset. The kit includes a TON of eartips, so you're sure to find a perfect fit. There are two cables included, which I thought was a nice touch - one for phones and one for pure listening.

It definitely feels like there's a premium on the price due to all of the extra stuff you get with them, but the headphones are at least close to a good value for the price.

I'm currently using them as my primary audio through my mixer for streaming and they're great. The sound quality blows my original headset out of the water and they're comfortable enough to wear for long periods (once you find the right eartips).

If you can stomach the price, I do recommend them. There are definitely more affordable options for IEMs that will satisfy most people but these ones are great.

Happy Reviewer
Top Quality

BASN Bmaster 5.
These are top quality earphones for professional use. These are in-ear phones like youve seen the pros use on stage. They come with the special MMCX connector. There are two different types of braided connector wires, heavy or light. These fit right into the ear to filter out extraneous noise, like other instruments, loud amps, playback, or loud audiences. The sound is amazing. It comes with a carrying case which is very cool, and is important to keep your high-quality earphones protected. There are separate tools to help keep these professional quality earphones at top performance level.
Watch the video.
Highly recommend.

Outstanding sound!!

I wasn't sure what to expect but these monitors sound as good as they look - every note is clear, the bass is rich and resonant. I have a pair of very expensive ones from a more popular brand and can't believe how the sounds is basically on par with those. These are beautiful and thoughtfully designed with every penny you spend being worth it.

Jo L.
Amazing Audio

I am not an audiphile but I do enjoy quality sounds. After owning many headphones and earbuds throughout the years, I am convinced that the higher cost does not automatically equal better sounding products. A lot that should be considered is build quality. Noise cancelling is a nice feature but in the right setting, it does not serve a purpose.
These headphones are wired and come with a vast selection or ear tips so you will have no troubles finding the right ones for you. They have a very nice feel to them and the weight is just right. I do not notice them slipping out of my ears. They have a pre mold shape so they sit against your ear and actually hold. It is really nice. If you have never used a pair of custom molded earplugs, these are the closest you could experience.
Sound quality is really really nice. I love that I can hear picks strumming guitars, breaths taken in-between notes on wind and brass instruments. I am noticing little details I have never heard to songs that have been in my library for years. It is like a whole new experience. I like these a lot more than any Synnheiser I have used. They are comfortable and you really hear the music.
Packing is excellent. These come in a small metal case that can easily fit into your day or travel bag. Has two sets of wires, all the ear tips you would need and a tool for removing the connector from the ear buds. Please follow the instructions and practice care when handling these. They are worth the extra steps.
Wonderful headphones and I love the details on the earbuds themselves. White skulls look really neat.

Good Overall +The Better the Source(s) The Better The Sound

TL;DR: If you're a beginner all the way up to a serious amateur musician, a non-audiophile music listener or an audiophile with quality sources who doesn't mind EQ-ing sometimes, these may be for you.

These IEM's come with a lot of extras. There is certainly value there right off the bat. As with all IEM's, getting the proper fit is key. Try different tips until you get a good fit. Once you have the right tips in place, you can get the sound isolation you need. If you're plugging these into a standard android phone, you will get decent sound. If you're going from a relatively bright and forward set to these, they might sound veiled or recessed, but as you get used to them, you'll notice you're not losing anything in the quality, timbre, voicing, or details of the music, they just won't sound as "in your face" as more forward bright sets. That being said, they don't deliver a totally flat response either. The bass is emphasized. The quality of the bass is not going to impress most audiophiles, but it should be fine for most people. It's not muddy, but it lacks some tightness, overall punch, and clarity. Because there is a slight boost in the bass overall, the mids may sound a bit recessed, but they're not. The highs have a fair amount of detail, but lack the sparkle, airiness, and fine detail of better sets. The positive there is that, what is probably a slight roll-off at the highest frequencies, tames sibilance; so, most likely, you won't get the fatigue that can come with a brighter set. Overall, it's not an overly coherent and lush sound - but it's also not dry and analytical. All of that being said, almost everything gets better when you use better sources, namely amps and dacs. These are surprisingly good at scaling up and respond well to EQ-ing. While I (and probably most audiophiles) would like a more coherent and lush sound out of the box, these IEM's will probably do the trick for a lot of people. All of the extras increase the value proposition too. At the moment there is a $20 off coupon as well, which I would say pushes them into the "good deal" category, especially if you're a musician using them as an actual in ear monitor, but this set can definitely be fun for the average listener - and some audiophiles might like tweaking and pushing this set to see what their limits really are.