BASN Bsinger PRO In Ear Monitor Headphones (Black)

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    Main Features of Bsinger PRO IEMs

    • Clear Crisp Sound: Dual High-Definition Micro-speakers with powerful neodymium magnets. A good combination of high, medium and low frequency makes this monitor has smooth and clear crisp natural sound.
    • Ergonomic Headphone House: Designed by a senior ergonomic engineer, our headphone has the most efficient house without saving of sound quality. It will perfectly fit your ears with a comfortable weight.
    • MMCX Connectors: Detachable cable and MMCX connector sets provide easy cable replacement and upgrade. This makes it has longer durability than common earphones. You can upgrade the basic MMCX cable to microphone MMCX cable, silver MMCX cable, Bluetooth wireless MMCX cable. You can use this earphone for hand-free calls, premium enjoyment, sports use, etc.
    • Adjustable Memory Ear-Hook: Adjustable ear-hooks keep your earbuds secure and comfortable fit to your ears. It will not fall out easily even with big movement when you are performing. A lot of drummers, singers, guitar players are choosing this as their premium ear monitor headphones.
    • Durable Cables: High-quality pull resistant wire has more durable using time. The soft hand-weaved cable can effectively decrease unwanted noise by reducing auscultation. 
    • Cable Splitter: With an original cable splitter, you can sort out the earphones easily. The earphone cable splitter will also make it convenient to adjust the cable suiting your wants.
    • 3.5 mm L-Type Jack: 3.5 mm gold-plated stereo jack compatible with most in ear monitor systems and devices with 3.5 mm port.
    basn in ear monitor headphone for musician singer drummer shure iem westone earphone KZ in ear sennheiser custom in ear factory and manufacturer OEM ODM supplier

    Packaging & Accessories

    1 * Bsinger PRO IEMs
    6 * Pairs of Silicone Eartips
    1 * Microphone Cable
    1 * OFC Audio Cable
    1 * 6.3mm Stereo Plug
    1 * Carrying Earphones Case
    1 * Cable Clip
    1 * Cleaning Tool
    1 * User Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 52 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 72 reviews
    Joel Harris
    Great for the money, excellent tech support

    I use these with my bands IEM setup, and they work wonderfully for that purpose. I play drums, and the isolation that these earbuds provide not only help me preserve my hearing from the cymbals, but enable me to harmonize much better with my fellow singers.

    The left side on the cable that I use did experience some intermittent dropouts after about a year of weekly use. And after contacting Basn, they are replacing the cable for me, which is wonderful.

    The sound quality of these is not badI definitely have heard better, and models with more discrete drivers probably sound much betterbut they work perfectly well for my purposes. Overall, very nice!

    Paul Bunuan
    Sounds great!

    Fits and sounds great!

    Bryce S. Hart
    Works great for drums

    I use these while I play drums Not a whole lot of bass, but not that big of a deal

    Great tone !

    Good bass response unlike other ear monitors under $100
    I play bass and use them live.

    G. Hampton
    Very happy to recommend. Happy I found these.

    I bought these for podcasting, with the intent to purchase a more expensive multi-driver pair if they worked well and sounded good. I am very pleased. They are comfortable and do a great job blocking out outside noise, and they sound great for earphones at this price range.