BASN FC200 MMCX Upgraded Replaceable Cables

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BASN FC200 Inline Mic MMCX Connector Detachable Replaceable Cables

  • The integrated mic allows superior volume and playback control, and the precise configuration design minimizes the influence of current interference, giving you a complete listening experience!
  • Designed by the senior designer in California. Hand-woven without segmentation ensures the anti-interference effect
  • Pull-resistant cable improves noise isolation by reducing auscultation. Memory ear-hook for comfort and secure-fit
  • Audiophiles’ choice of trust. Silvery-white cable represents a noble taste, and more reflects the exquisite upgrade
  • MMCX connector is compatible with BASN Bsinger, Bmaster, Metalen, MMCX Series

    Benefits of BASN FC200 upgraded earphones cable

    • Audiophiles’ choice of trust
    • Designed by a senior designer in California
    • MMCX connector provides you with even more choices of earpieces
      New headphone In-line mic cable for your daily use. It allows you change the volume, change the songs while listening to music, and making phone call
    • Hand-woven without segmentation ensures anti-interference and fidelity effect
    • High-quality pull-resistant detachable cable decreases unwanted cable noise
    • Ergonomic adjustable memory ear-hook provide all-day comfort and secure-fit

    Earphones are compatible with BASN FC200 Detachable Cables

    • BASN: Bsinger, Bsinger BC100, Bsinger PRO, Bsinger LUX, Bmaster, Metalen, MMCX Series
    • SHURE: SE215, SE215 SPE, SE315, SE425, SE535, SE535 LTD, SE846, KSE1500
    • SONY: XBA-A3, XBA-H3, XBA-Z5
    • Westone: W Series: W10, W20, W30, W40, W50, W60, W80; AM Pro Series: AM10, AM20, AM30; UM Pro Series: UM10, UM30, UM50; ES Series: ES10, ES20, ES30, ES50, ES60; CR Series: CR10


      Cable Type......... Y-Type
      Connector......... MMCX 
      Cable Length......... 1.5m 
      Plug Type......... 3.5mm Type

      Customer Service 

      You will get a one-year warranty on parts and labor. If you have any questions about the product you received, please contact us without hesitation. We would try our best to help you and improve your purchasing experiences.