BASN MiX-PD (Planar Driver+DD) In Ear Monitor Headphone (Grey)

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BASN MiX-PD In Ear Monitor, Planar Driver ,Dynamic Driver with CNC Crafted Metal Cover, Hi-fi IEM Earphones Wired 0.78mm 2-Pin Detachable Cable for Musicians shurebasn in ear monitor headphone for musician singer drummer shure iem westone earphone KZ in ear sennheiser custom in ear factory and manufacturer OEM ODM supplier and agent

BASN MiX-PD In Ear Monitor, Planar Driver + Dynamic Driver with CNC Crafted Metal Cover, Hi-fi IEM Earphones Wired 0.78mm 2-Pin Detachable Cable for Musicians

Planar Driver+DD Driver】BASN MiX-PD iem incorporates both planar and dynamic drivers to deliver a balanced and high-quality audio experience; The dynamic driver handles the lower frequencies, while the planar driver contributes to the precision of the mid-range and high frequencies , creating a more immersive listing experience

High Quality 2-Pin Cable】BASN in ear monitors are paired with a silver-plated cable to allow every musical detail to be faithfully transmitted; The cable was intentionally designed to be light and comfortable for stage or portable use; And is fitted with a detachable 2-pin connection for cable-swapping

Comfortable and Secure Fit】Designed with ergonomic considerations, basn in ears provide a comfortable and secure fit; They come with multiple ear tip options to cater to different ear sizes, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable listening experience.

Premium Build Quality】Crafted with CNC metal shell and environmentally friendly resin, our in-ear monitor earbuds are ‘MiX’ from the inside out; The durable construction ensures these iem earphones can withstand rigorous use, making them perfect for on-the-go and professional use

Versatile Compatibility】Whether you're using a portable music player, smartphone, or professional audio equipment, our MiX-PD in-ear monitors headphones with 2-pin cable provide wide-ranging compatibility and allow you to enjoy high-quality audio wherever you go.

BASN MiX-PD In Ear Monitor, Planar Driver ,Dynamic Driver with CNC Crafted Metal Cover, Hi-fi IEM Earphones Wired 0.78mm 2-Pin Detachable Cable for Musicians shurebasn in ear monitor headphone for musician singer drummer shure iem westone earphone KZ in ear sennheiser custom in ear factory and manufacturer OEM ODM supplier and agent

Package Included

* pair of MiXPD IEMs
1 * silver-plated OFC audio cable 
1 * carrying case
1 * cable clip
1 * 6.3mm plug
1 * cleaning tool
* pairs of silicone eartips (S/M/L)
3 * memory foams eartips (S/M/L) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Scott E Mallett

I'm very impressed with these IEMs. One of my benchmarks as to how much I like a set is how long I keep them on without wanting to take them off, whether it's due to discomfort or poor sound quality. They're comfortable and they have pretty good sound. The bass response is good without sounding like a bad rap record being blasted from someone's car at a stoplight, the mids are clear and vocals sound good, and the highs (to me the most important part because a set with too much treble is painful) sound spot on.

Super comfy basshead set

Extremely comfortable set. Best fit of any IEM I've ever used to date, but that will vary from person to person.

Sound wise, these have very elevated bass, but it is extremely well controlled and the detail and staging on these are absolutely fantastic. The mids, in isolation, might come off as a little recessed, but it actually works pretty well. Clarity is great, imaging is great, separation is great. Plenty of sparkle in the treble without any sibilance. Stock cable is very average, but works fine. The carrying case that comes with these is very nice and big enough to fit a DAP and accessories. The green color I chose looks great in person.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this set. It's a shameless basshead set, but the overall tuning is still well balanced and works with plenty of genres still. Plenty of planar detail with the nice weighty dynamic driver slam and rumble. Vocals are a bit distant, but still sound correct. I couldn't suggest this to people wanting a neutral set, but for someone looking for bass, and lots of it, without sacrificing clarity and detail, this set is it. I took a star away solely because this set is definitely not for everyone.
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Dan Riemen
Amazing IEMs, Wonderful Bite-y Sound!

For reference, my go-to IEMs have been the Moondrop CHUs for everyday use. I'm not big into audio production, I just enjoy it when my listening throughout the day (music, youtube, discord) isn't being held back by my headphones or anything.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging, which was delightful and robust. Lots of foam, the box it came in snapped with magnets, all the good stuff. It also comes with a little brush, a conversion jack, and plenty of replacement eartips, so lots of good to be had there. Then I got to testing the headphones.

My first song of choice was Boston's Foreplay/Longtime, which very much communicated a busy, top-heavy arrangement. Comparing the old headphones to the new, the listening is a lot more forward and treble accentuated, even to the point that I could back down on the volume knob when listening. Good stuff!

My second song of choice was Daft Punk's Something About Us, looking to see how more sparse arrangements translate to these headphones, especially as far as bass is concerned. Everything was crystal clear, and I have zero complaints when it comes to audio quality.

On my review I give this a 3/5 on sound cancellation, as the headphones are plenty loud to blast out other sources of noise in your listening space. That being said, these aren't sound-cancelling/sound-protective headphones, so they don't do that well at stopping noise. I recommend getting some around the ear headphones or something with active noise cancelling if that's what you're looking for, instead.

Joey G
BASN Mix-PD, BEST IEMs for Price Range By FAR!!!

These dual driver In Ear Monitors are amazing and full of detailed audio with the Planar Diaphragm Driver immersing you in your favorite music and my drums with a wide sound stage, allowing me to hear the other instruments and click track extremely clear on stage/in studio. The powerful Dynamic Driver makes sure to include a solid bass response that allows for a solid rich low end in my ears!

Chris Hales
Extremely nice sound, quality, performance and most important to me, fit.

The Mix-PD in Ear Monitor by BASN, is a solid choice to consider with many great unique features and notable performance. Here are some of the things Ive learned while owning it and things to consider before buying.

I. Quality C These look and feel like they are well-made out of good materials. Id put them in the lower side of the upper tier of the quality scale for in ear monitors and guess that they should last me for a good amount of enjoyable service.
II. Performance C The first and most important thing I noticed about these is the wonderful fit in my ear and all the ear tip choices available. They come with the standard three ear hole cones, but also includes three earplug type material cones that are shaped different. These provide a super comfortable fit that I havent tried before and if you dont have a comfortable fit, nothing else matters. The sound quality is also wonderful with more bass then most of their competition. The overall sound is crisp, clear and allows you to hear the different tones and instruments delightfully. I usually hate wired versions, but the way that these go over and behind the ear provides a different experience that is very pleasant. Ive enjoyed the style being unique and the clear shell to allow you to see what s going on inside. The included semi-hard case is a nice bonus to keep them safe, but I was disappointed that its not metal as it appears and the metallic outside looks cheap in person, but nothings perfect.

Overall, this is a great set of in ear monitors, that I very much enjoy using while it continuously provides a great experience. Ill be sure to update this review, if I ever start to have problems with it.

If youd find it helpful to see a visual inspection of this product, I recommend you watch my included video in full screen or landscape. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, well its a video!

You can trust that this review is simply my honest opinion that is attempting to provide you with helpful insight that I wish I had before I picked this product. Hopefully it was helpful in your decision.